What Our Clients Say

We needed a builder. We were looking for someone honest, talented, skilled, intuitive, responsible, trustworthy and flexible – a tall order. Our “captain” finally emerged as Munjoy Hill native son, Rick Romano. Bottom line: Hire an architect who won’t freak out when you want a tweak or a change, and hire a builder who will match your creativity with his own. Whether by luck or sheer doggedness, we managed to find both. - Libby

Whether he is building a sleek kitchen for the Jetsons or restoring a weather beaten cape, Rick Romano has an eye for detail that is tough to match in the Northeast. His charisma and patience make him the ideal candidate for someone who's job it is to listen to what YOUR home dreams may be. His skill and 35+ years of experience allow him to make those dreams structurally sound and aesthetically perfect. - Frances